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At BST, we are committed to providing a vibrant and transformative learning environment where technology plays a central role in shaping middle schoolers' educational journey. Our philosophy centers on equipping young minds with essential digital skills, fostering critical thinking abilities, nurturing creativity, and promoting a balanced and mindful approach to technology usage.


  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Discover Your Purpose and Unleash Your Creativity! In this course, students embark on an exciting journey to find their life's purpose and channel their passions into entrepreneurial ventures. They will learn to bring innovative ideas to the market while gaining valuable real-life skills in personal finance and problem-solving. Through simulations and hands-on experiences, students will develop the confidence and acumen to thrive in the ever-evolving world of business.

  • Personal Fitness, Team Sports: Get Active and Thrive Together! Middle schoolers are encouraged to embrace an active lifestyle through this dynamic course. With an emphasis on personal development drills, students will enhance their physical fitness and team sports skills. Engaging in a variety of sports and activities, they will not only build their physical capabilities but also learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.

  • Intro to Yoga: Discover Harmony in Mind and Body! Join us for an introductory journey into the ancient science of Yoga. This class delves into the foundations of anatomy, physiology, and body mechanics while exploring the interconnectedness of the body's systems. With no prior experience required, students will develop their personal yoga practice, learn about the history and philosophy of Yoga, and cultivate mindfulness through this enriching course.

  • Performance Aerial Arts/ Acro Yoga and Dance: Reach New Heights with Aerial Arts and Acro Yoga! Unleash your creativity and strength through this unique fusion of dance, acrobatics, and yoga. Students will learn the basics of aerial silks, lyra (hoop), aerial yoga (hammock), and partner (acro) yoga. Working towards a choreographed performance with the musical theater department, students will gain confidence, flexibility, and grace, while intensive strength and conditioning training will be provided.

  • Basketball: Elevate Your Basketball Skills! This course is tailored for students looking to enhance their basketball abilities. With a focus on personal development drills, students will sharpen their ball handling, shooting, and defensive techniques. Through engaging exercises and games, participants will build their basketball IQ and teamwork while honing their athletic talents.

  • Volleyball: Spike and Serve to Success! For aspiring volleyball stars, this course offers a platform to refine their volleyball skills. With an emphasis on personal development drills, students will enhance their serving, passing, setting, and hitting techniques. Friendly competitions and team-based challenges will provide opportunities for growth and teamwork.

  • Introduction to Engineering: Design, Create, Innovate! In this hands-on course, students explore the exciting world of engineering by delving into the design and problem-solving processes. Collaborating with peers, they will engage in various manipulative projects while gaining valuable teamwork and cooperative skills. This introductory journey into the field of engineering will ignite their curiosity and foster a passion for innovation.

  • Introduction to Transportation Technology: Rev Up Your Engineering Skills in Transportation! Embark on an exploration of the fascinating world of transportation technology. From airplanes and cars to motorcycles and boats, students will learn about the design and construction of various transportation vehicles. Through innovative projects and discussions on emerging technologies, students will discover the critical role of transportation advancements in our modern society.

  • JediJill's Droid Lab Competitive Robotics: Build, Customize, and Compete with Robots! Calling all robot enthusiasts! In this high-energy course, students will rebuild, repair, customize, and compete with robot kits. With a limited number of spots available, candidates will undergo an application and interview process. The course fee includes access to robot kits and tools, making it a thrilling journey of learning and friendly competition.

  • JediJill's Engineering App Lab: Engage in Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving with Apps! Dive into the world of logic and critical thinking with the Engineering App Lab. Using various apps, students will explore the Engineering Design Process (EDP) and apply their knowledge to solve challenging problems. As they engage in app-based crafting activities, they will develop essential science and engineering skills in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

  • Teacher Aide: Supporting Learning and Empowering Others! Take on a vital role as a Teacher Aide, working effectively with students, using educational technology, assisting with classroom management, and providing support in student assessment. This course fosters communication skills, leadership abilities, and the essential traits needed to make a positive impact on fellow students' learning journeys.

  • "STEM" Challenges & Builds: Get Ready for Exciting STEM Challenges! Join this hands-on and engaging course where students will collaborate to solve both simple and complex STEM challenges and builds. In addition to the physical challenges, participants may even experience paper-based "CSI" escape rooms to sharpen their problem-solving and teamwork skills.

  • Exploratory Agriscience – FFA: Discover the Science of Agriculture and Animal Care! Unveil the wonders of agriculture, food, and natural resources in this hands-on, scientific course. Students will use emerging technologies to solve complex agricultural problems and gain valuable insights into running a garden. Introduction to Animal Science and Services will also be explored, making this course an exciting journey into the world of agriscience.

  • Multimedia Journalism: Unleash Your Journalistic Skills on Multiple Platforms! Develop expertise in journalism across various platforms, including traditional, digital, and video. In this course, students will curate captivating content, craft compelling narratives, and produce an outstanding yearbook. Embrace the power of media and storytelling as you bring stories to life through different mediums.

  • Speech and Debate 1: Articulate Your Voice and Master the Art of Debate! Sharpen your argumentation and debate skills in this comprehensive course. From civic and political topics to legal discussions, students will gain confidence in public speaking and persuasive communication. With opportunities for competitions, contests, and scholarships, this course empowers students to be articulate and influential speakers.

  • Intro to Visual 2D Arts: Unleash Your Creativity in 2D Media! In this expressive course, students will delve into the world of 2D arts, including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and mixed media. With a focus on skill development and technique, students will create stunning visual artworks while exploring their artistic voice. The supply fee for this course is available with scholarships to support all students' artistic endeavors.

  • Visual 3D Arts: Sculpt, Mold, and Create in 3D! Embark on an exciting journey into the realm of visual 3D arts. From pottery and sculpture to carving and glass fusing/slumping, students will experiment with various techniques and materials. This course builds on the foundations of Ancient Art in 6th grade, making it an ideal opportunity for students to take their creativity to the next level.

  • Musical Theatre: Unleash Your Inner Performer on the Musical Stage! Dive into the captivating world of musical theater, where students will learn the art of acting and singing to create dazzling public performances. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of musical theater tools and techniques, fostering self-expression and confidence through the magic of performance.

  • Technical Theatre for Fashion Design, Costume, Makeup, and Hair: Design and Transform for the Stage and Beyond! Uncover the magic behind the scenes with Technical Theatre. From designing rooms and costumes to makeup and hair for performances and everyday life, students will unleash their creative flair while learning essential design skills. This course empowers students to bring their visions to life and leave a lasting impact through the power of aesthetics.

  • Guitar: Strum, Play, and Create Melodies! Discover the enchanting world of music through basic guitar skills and knowledge. Learn full-strum and straightforward chords, master strumming patterns, and even play simple melodies. This course fosters a passion for music and provides a solid foundation for aspiring guitarists.

  • Orchestra: Embark on a Musical Journey with String Instruments! In this course, students will learn to play the violin, viola, cello, bass, or harp. Emphasizing the development of foundational instrumental ensemble techniques, students will engage in harmonious musical experiences and discover the joy of playing in an orchestra.

  • Modern or Jazz Band: Rock the Stage with Modern or Jazz Band! In Modern Band, students perform and compose music they know and love, including rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, rhythm & blues, and electronic dance music. In Jazz Band, students will explore jazz ensemble music, comprised of saxophones, trumpets, trombone, and rhythm section instruments. Both courses provide an opportunity for students to showcase their musical talent and creativity.

  • Culinary – Principles of Nutrition: Cook, Bake, and Nourish with Nutritional Expertise! Step into the world of culinary arts with an emphasis on better nutritional food choices. In this course, students will practice meal preparation techniques and learn the art of cooking and baking, all while gaining insights into the principles of nutrition. This delicious journey empowers students to make informed food choices and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

  • Innovations: Be the Pioneers of Technology! Join us as we explore cutting-edge technology with our state-of-the-art clay 3D printer, Oculus Quest 2s, hot wire cutters, embroidery machine, and motion simulator. In this course, students become technology pioneers, contributing to the decision-making process for using these innovative tools for their peers at BST (your school's name). Be the ones who shape the future of technology at our school!

  • Game Making: Design, Create, and Play Your Own Games! Dive into the exciting world of game design in this interactive course. Students will learn to design cards, boards, and digital games while exploring the principles of game mechanics and dynamics. Unleash your creativity and experience the thrill of bringing your game ideas to life.

  • Video Creation: Plan, Shoot, Edit, and Showcase Your Creativity! In this course, students will immerse themselves in the art of video creation. From planning and shooting to editing and producing, they will learn the fundamentals of video production. Showcase your creativity and storytelling abilities by creating captivating videos to be shared online.

  • Spanish Beginning for Middle School Students: Hola! Discover the Spanish Language and Culture! Through comprehension-based language teaching, students will explore all aspects of Spanish language and culture, engaging in reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Spanish as you communicate and connect with others in this enriching course.

  • Leadership (Student Government): Lead, Plan, and Empower! Take charge and make a difference through the power of student government. In this course, students will plan and manage events, activities, programs, and policies for the school community. Unlock your leadership potential and contribute to creating a positive school environment.

  • Planning & Organizing: Master Time Management and Organization! Designed to support students in developing planning and organizational skills, this course offers valuable tools and strategies for effective time management. Students will gain the confidence to excel in academics and daily life by optimizing their planning abilities.

  • BUGS - Bring Up Your Grades: Boost Academic Success with Personalized Support! Students showing a need for academic intervention will benefit from this specialized course. Designed to provide targeted assistance, BUGS offers personalized support to help students bring up their grades and achieve academic success.

  • High School Courses (with Permission from Mr. Hargrave): Challenge Yourself with High School-Level Courses! Ambitious middle school students can explore high school courses, subject to Mr. Hargrave's approval. These opportunities provide an excellent chance to advance their education and gain exposure to more challenging academic material. Contact Mr. Hargrave for details and eligibility.

  • Online High School Course (Includes Drivers Ed): Flexible Learning and Academic Opportunities! Our online high school courses offer a range of academic opportunities for students, including the popular Drivers Ed program. Delivered by highly qualified and fully certified teachers, the courses are aligned with Florida standards to ensure quality and rigor. Experience the benefits of online learning and expand your educational horizons.

  • Dual Enrollment: Earn College Credits While in Middle School! Exceptional middle school students can take advantage of this unique opportunity to enroll in college courses from Daytona State College. Whether online or face-to-face, these college-level courses provide a head start in higher education, setting the stage for a successful academic journey.

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