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Parent & Student Support

Please contact:
Ms. Holly Shannon
Phone: (386) 210-4915
Fax: 386 210-4922
Email: ShannonH@burnsscitech.org
Website Support: IT@burnsscitech.org
Address: 160 Ridge Rd, Oakhill FL 32759

Burns Science and Technology Charter School’s mission is to cultivate learners and leaders who are inspired, able, and prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

Burns Sci-Tech

Burns Science and Technology Charter School is committed to providing challenging educational experiences through a rich and well-balanced curriculum, emphasizing science in a technologically saturated environment.

Our philosophy is straight forward and profound: In order for students to understand, they must do.  We offer a project-based, active learning environment that links to real life.  We foster critical thinking, independent problem solving, strong communication skills, and ambitious goal setting that encourages students to learn.

  • Modeling Tolerance - A Willingness To Respect The Rights Of Others Who Have Beliefs Which Are Different From One’s Own
  • Equipping Our Students With The Necessary Skills To Ensure Their Success In The 21st Century Job Market