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The school's comprehensive care program includes both before care and aftercare services, serving the needs of busy parents and ensuring the well-being of their children throughout the day.  This new school year we are making a strong effort to ensure our programs have the resources and staffing we need to create the best environment for our children. In order for this to happen we will be ensuring that all accounts stay in good standing.

If you had a child in aftercare last year and your account is in good standing (zero balance) your child will still have a place.  If you have a balance you will be placed into a lottery with everyone else to fill the spots left. We are currently accepting 80 kids. You will be able to sign up for the lottery at orientation, they will pick spots at the end of the last day of orientation. If you are picked, you will receive a phone call.

We would like to be able to grow the aftercare program and in order to do that, we will need more help. If you know of someone or are able yourself to help, please contact Mrs. Galerno at

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