Our Mission

The BST mission is to cultivate learners and leaders who are inspired, able, and prepared to make a positive difference in the world.  

Our educational philosophy is straightforward and profound: in order for students to understand, they must do. We offer a project-based, active learning environment that encourages students to link learning to real-life. We foster critical thinking, independent problem solving, strong communication skills, and ambitious goal setting."
Dr. McGee
Dr. Janet McGee
Principal, CEO
Two Kids drawing on a digital Board

We believe In
Project Based Learning

OUR mission and philosophy are accomplished through…
Project-Based Learning (PBL)
is an instructional practice that encourages students to learn and apply knowledge and skills through a hands-on experience that simulates real-life situations.
•Project based Learning Increases the engagement of students
•Allows for more in-depth learning
•Promotes self-confidence Builds critical thinking, collaboration, and communication
• Develops leadership and self-management skills for today's workplace and in college
•Fosters STEM skills; real-life problem solving, innovation, teamwork, and technology fluency.

Project-Based Learning with Thematic Units

Thematic units are used to help create real-life situations. A thematic unit is when the curriculum is centered around a theme. The themes will be taken from the courses' curriculum connections and what students think is interesting and engaging.