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Join Us for Crochet Camp!**

Are you ready to unravel your creativity this summer? Join us for Crochet Camp, where you'll learn the art of crochet and create beautiful handmade projects!


- July 1st-3rd: Incoming 3rd to 6th graders

- July 8th-10th: Incoming 7th-12th graders

**Time**: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM


- Maximum of 30 students per session

- Waitlist available


- Breakfast and lunch provided in the cafeteria

- Available before and after camp

**Cost**: $50 per participant

- Includes a take-home kit at the end of camp

Secure your spot by May 31st, for any inquiries, contact Mrs. Brannen at

Let's crochet our way into a summer of fun and creativity!


Burns Sci-Tech Athletics is offering summer basketball camps for students in 3rd-12th grade. These camps are hosted by our Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Chris Marbra. They will focus on basketball specific skill building, enhance confidence, and teamwork.



Unlock Your Volleyball Potential!

Join us from June 5th to 7th for an exhilarating volleyball experience at Burns Sci-Tech! Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our clinics cater to all skill levels.

vball camp 24.png


Are you taking Algebra next year?

Get ready to succeed with our comprehensive Algebra Bootcamp! This program is designed to equip you with the essential skills needed to excel in Algebra. Each week, you'll engage in two hours of interactive math sessions, using hands-on manipulatives to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Why join our Algebra Bootcamp?

  • Build a Strong Foundation: Prepare yourself for success in Algebra by mastering the fundamentals.

  • Interactive Learning: Use manipulatives and participate in engaging activities that make math fun.

  • Small Group Sessions: Benefit from personalized attention in groups of 3-6 students with similar abilities.

  • Expert Evaluation: Receive a placement evaluation before the camp begins to ensure the right level of challenge.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Variables

  • Working with Negative Numbers

  • Mastering Exponents

  • Solving Equations

  • Factoring

Camp Details:

  • Cost: $150 per week

  • Session Times: 9-11 AM or 1-3 PM

  • Dates: June 24-28 and July 8-12 (additional dates may be added based on demand)

Note: This is not a traditional day camp, but a focused group tutoring session designed to enhance your math skills.

Prepare for Algebra success with Quotient Neuro Services LLC. Sign up today and build the confidence you need to excel!

For more information, visit ADHDNSB.COM.



Boost Your Child’s Reading Skills with Achieve3000

  • Develop Reading Strategies: Help your child improve their comprehension of informational texts and build academic vocabulary.

  • Critical Evaluation: Encourage your child to think critically about the information they read.

  • Engage in Discussions: Spark conversations about reading topics and ask your child to summarize or ask questions as they read to you.

  • Monitor Progress: Look for first-try scores of 75% or higher and motivate your child to read more by using the "Search" feature to find interesting articles. Track completed articles and activities.

  • Appropriate Reading Levels: Use your child’s Lexile level (found in reports) to select appropriate books.


Keep Learning with IXL This Summer

We’ve used IXL to reinforce our curriculum this year, and your child will continue to have access over the summer. With thousands of interactive skills, IXL is a fun and engaging way for your child to keep their learning fresh.

  • Summer Boost Skill Plans: Access the summer boost skill plans for a 4-week plan focused on foundational and high-priority skills from the previous year, ensuring your child is prepared for the next grade level.

How to Check Your Child’s Progress:

  1. Sign into your child’s account and select the “Analytics” tab.

  2. View the Student Summary report.

  3. Review accomplishments and areas for improvement.

  4. Encourage your child to continue learning!

i-Ready Lessons (K-2)

Personalized Learning with i-Ready

The i-Ready personalized learning path offers differentiated lessons tailored to your child’s needs, covering both Language Arts and Mathematics. Lessons range from 10-25 minutes.

  • Daily Practice: Aim for 15-30 minutes per day, alternating between subjects.

  • Availability: i-Ready will be available until July 31, 2024, when the new school year begins.

Support Your Child’s Learning:

  • Ask questions about each lesson:

    • What is one thing you learned today?

    • What was challenging for you?

    • What new word did you learn?

  • Check Progress: Click on “My Progress” to see how your child is doing.

By incorporating these tools, you can help your child maintain and improve their academic skills over the summer.

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