School Board Minutes
September 27, 2022
School Board Minutes

September Minutes 2022

1. Call to Order:

Meeting called to order at 6:30. All Board members were in attendance.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Minutes:

Reports and Discussion/Actions:

i. Contract with Miami Corp: Glen Storch, Esq. updated the Board on the plans for Deering Park North, West of I-95 and 442, a planned community with a Town Center where the school would be located. Miami Corp will donate up to 25 acres complete with infrastructure to establish a K-8 school. Motion to approve Dr. McGee to write the Charter by Jeff Landers, second by Dr. Thayer. All approved. Motion carried.

ii. Investment policy timeline: Two sets of dates were presented; one beginning in October and one in January. Motion to approve the timeline beginning January 3, 2023 by Judy Reiker, second by Jeff Davidson. All approved. Motion carried.

iii. Update to RFP to add conflict of interest language. Motion to approve by Deb Denys, second by Dr. Thayer. All Approved. Motion carried.

iv. Discussion and Vote on two new Board Members: Those applying to serve on the BST Board were: Cydney Reagan, Kelly Robinson, Hannah, Ehrli, Stephanie Ferraro, Jessica Reader, Damian Hall and Rinu Aswani. The Board cast their votes via ballot. The two who received the most votes and thus were chosen were Hannal Ehrli and Damian Hall. They will join the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

v. Meeting Dates: The dates for the upcoming Board meetings were presented, all being on the fourth Tuesday except for May 2023, which will be on May 18th the third Tuesday. Motion to approve by Judy Reiker, second by Jeff Davidson. All approved. Motion carried.

5. Public Participation:
6. Reports and Discussion / Action:
7. Principals Report:

i. Hootenanny, October 8th - 510 tickets out of 530 have been sold to date.

ii. Upcoming dates: Homecoming is scheduled for October 14th.

iii. Interim Principal Dan Hargrave reported on the High School.

iv. Principal Dr. Jan McGee reported on Middle and Elementary School.

8. Treasurer's Report:

Jeff Davidson presented the Treasurer Report. Motion to approve by Jon Glugover,  second by Jeff Landers. All approved, Motion carried.

9. Committees:

Reports were presented by Committee Chairs.

Building- Mr. Landers

Docs – Ms. Reiker

Grants/Fundraising – Mr. Amalfitano

Grievance – Ms. Denys

Heath/Wellness – Dr. Thayer

Safety – Mr. Davidson

Sports – Mr. Glugover

10. Chairman closing comments:

Agenda items to consider for the next meeting. None

11. Board Member issues/concerns/comments

Board Member Issues/concerns/comments. None

12. Public Announcements:

Public Announcements - Next Board Meeting October 25, 2022, at 6:00

13. Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m

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