School Board Minutes
October 25, 2022
School Board Minutes

October 2022

1. Call to Order:


2. Pledge of Allegiance.
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve the minutes by Jeff Davidson, second by Jeff Landers. All approved. Motion carried.

5. Public Participation:

Judy Bourdeau mentioned that Albert Amalfitano has been delivering food and goods  to Hurricane Ian victims and he was given round of applause for his extensive volunteer work.

6. Reports and Discussion / Action:

a. New Board Members Dr. Hannah Ehrli and Mr. Damian Hall were welcomed to their first meeting.

b. Hootenanny: Record revenue of $125,520 with a profit of $102,190; expenses were $$23,330.

c. Review Audit Report: Deb Denys moved to approve first reading of the report with clarification of item #3 on  page 21, calling for protection of the $1.7 million currently not insured by FDIC. Second by Jeff Davidson.

d. Discussion centered around protecting the investment. Deb Denys suggested that the audit firm be contacted  in the matter of securing available insurance. Jeff Davidson suggested that, for next year, the audit firm  communicate with the Treasurer as to the results of the audit. Deb Denys suggested that the audit firm be  present at a Board meeting to present the report and handle any questions the Board may have regarding  audit. Motion carried.

7. Principals Report:

Treasurer Report: Jeff Davidson presented the Treasurer Report. Motion to approve by Judy Reiker,  second by Jon Glugover. All approved, Motion carried.a. Meeting dates were presented and approved with a change to November’s meeting from November 22 to  November 15th to avoid meeting during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Motion by Deb Denys, second by Dr. Roger  Thayer. Motion carried.

b. Charter School Conference: some new rules affecting charter schools require adoption of Policy. Three that  need consideration and will require adoption of Policy are:  New Rule 6A-10.086, F.A.C. deals with separation of bathrooms. Amendment to Rule 6A-1.0955, F.A.C, deals with online education services offered. New Rule 6A-6.0791, F.A.C, establishes procedures for parent complaints.

c. Documents regarding all three rules will be prepared for the Board to review and set policy. The remainder of  the new rules do not require adoption of Policy but will require Compliance.

d. The Southeast Volusia Leadership Group visited BST on October 20; BST was the only K-12 school visited by  this Group. There is opportunity possibly for new business partners.

e. Dan Hargrave reported on the High School. Of note, was Aviation Day and Homecoming. The Business  Partner Meet and Greet was “jam packed” as the students presented their career pathways.

f. Mrs. Floyd reported on the Middle School. She has 24 students/day testing for high school and college  courses.

g. Ms. Galerno reported on the Elementary School. Future Farmers of Florida, 4-H Clubs, and a Debate team  have been started. She is also planning a Jr. Honor Society.

8. Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer Report: Jeff Davidson presented the Treasurer Report. Motion to approve by Judy Reiker,  second by Jon Glugover. All approved, Motion carried.

9. Committees:

Reports, if any, were presented by Committee Chairs.

Building- Mr. Landers

Docs – Ms. Reiker

Grants/Fundraising – Mr. Amalfitano

Grievance – Ms. Denys

Heath/Wellness – Dr. Thayer

Safety – Mr. Davidson

Sports – Mr. Glugover

10. Chairman closing comments:
11. Board Member issues/concerns/comments
12. Public Announcements:

ext Board Meeting rescheduled to November 15, 2022, at 6:00.

13. Adjournment:

7:30 pm

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