School Board Minutes
November 15, 2022
School Board Minutes

November Minutes 2022

1. Call to Order:

Meeting was called to order at 6:00. All Board members were in attendance except for Commissioner Deb Denys,who was excused.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve October 25,2022 minutes by Jeff Davidson, second by Jon Glugover. All approved. Motion carried.

5. Public Participation:
6. Reports and Discussion / Action:

a) Rich Moreno, guest speaker, Building Hope Services Division. Mr. Moreno presented four possible scenarios for financing the existing loan of $5.7 million and the new loan in the amount of $8.5 million for the High School.

The Board discussed the alternatives and requested that Mr. Moreno obtain more information on the possibilities of obtaining a USDA loan and advise Dr. McGee for presenting at an upcoming Board meeting for a decision

.b) Jeff Davidson, Board Member, presented a Memorandum relative to obtaining FDIC insurance on excess cash above the amount of $250,000.00. Three options were presented and discussed. The Board declined one of the options which was to seek out an insurance policy but authorized Administration to investigate the two remaining options – seek a public funds depository or set up a nightly sweep option. Administration will make the final decision.

c) Jeff Davidson also led discussion on investing the $1,277,687 in an investment account. Motion to present an RFP for an investment advisor made by Judy Reiker, second by John Glugover. All approved. Motion carried. Inaccordance with the schedule presented at the October Board meeting, an advertisement for RFP will be placed January 3, 2023 and will post on the BST website January 10th. Jeff Davidson is building a list of investment advisors to work with the School. Any suggestions for such advisors should be sent to Brent Appy.

d) Mr. Hargrave reported on the Wellness Plan. All goals were either fully or partially implemented. Dr. Thayer commented on adding wellness activities to the plan for 2023, supporting a personally healthy lifestyle with personal progress goals.

e) Dr. McGee advised the Board that the School had received a Recognition Award of $126,743 to recognize theteachers from an A rated school. Staff and the SAC committee were authorized to make the decision on how to spend the Award. Dr. McGee presented three choices and advised that Plan C will be implemented. Inclusive in Plan C was 78% for bonuses for professional staff, 14% for bonuses for support staff for their work last year, and 8% for tutoring for everyone this year. It was an honor to receive this Award.

7. Principals Report:

a) Policy Discussions and votes were needed on the three new rules that affect Charter Schools which were discussed at the recent Charter School Conference.

b) New Rule 6A-10.086 deals with separation of bathrooms. Motion to approve by Jeff Davidson, second by JudyReiker. All approved. Motion carried.

c) Amendment to Rule 6A-1.0955 deals with online education services. Motion to approve by Jon Glugover, second by Dr. Thayer. All approved. Motion carried.

d) New Rule 6A-6.0791 established procedures for parent complaints. Motion to approve by Jeff Davidson, second by Judy Reiker. All approved. Motion carried.

e) Mrs. Floyd reported on the Middle school. They had their first middle school dance and it was a success.

f) Mr. Hargrave reported on the High School. Student government council is open to students wanting to run for office.

The High school is actively recruiting students for the upcoming school year at K-8 schools. Mr.Hargraves’s goal is to have every student graduate with a plan after High school, not just to graduate, but have alife plan.

g) Ms. Galerno reported on the Elementary School she has two pep rallies scheduled, a food drive, Harvest Dayand substitute teacher training.

8. Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer Report by Jeff Davidson. Motion to approve the report by Judy Reiker, second by Dr. Hannah Ehrli. All approved. Motion carried.

9. Committees:
10. Chairman closing comments:
11. Board Member issues/concerns/comments
12. Public Announcements:

No meeting in December. The next Board meeting will be Tuesday January 24, 2023.

13. Adjournment:

8:40 pm.

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