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Marshmallow and Spaghetti Towers: An Entrepreneurial Twist in Learning

In our Entrepreneurship class at Burns Sci Tech, we're always on the lookout for innovative ways to instill entrepreneurial thinking in our students. Recently, we organized a class activity that challenged students to not only build the tallest towers but also test their business acumen – all with marshmallows and dry spaghetti. This project not only honed our students' entrepreneurial skills but also fostered teamwork and creative problem-solving. In this blog post, we'll delve into the highlights of this dynamic entrepreneurial exercise.

The premise was as entrepreneurial as it gets: students formed teams and were given a limited "startup capital" in the form of marshmallows and dry spaghetti. Their mission? To create the tallest, most innovative freestanding towers within a specified timeframe. There was, however, a catch: the towers had to be constructed using only marshmallows as connectors and spaghetti as building materials. Traditional adhesives like glue, tape, or any external supports were strictly prohibited.

Team Formation and Idea Generation

One of the most valuable takeaways from this activity was the emphasis on collaboration and adaptability. Students experienced firsthand the importance of teamwork in an entrepreneurial venture. They had to work cohesively, listen to diverse ideas, delegate tasks effectively, and pivot when necessary – all skills indispensable for entrepreneurial success.

Beyond the educational benefits, this activity underscored the significance of teamwork and innovation in entrepreneurship. It facilitated the formation of strong bonds among students, fostering a supportive entrepreneurial community within the class. These relationships are invaluable for future entrepreneurial ventures and collaborations.

In our Entrepreneurship class at Burns Sci Tech, we believe in cultivating entrepreneurial spirit through hands-on, engaging experiences. The Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower Challenge perfectly encapsulated how learning can be both enjoyable and entrepreneurial. This exercise demonstrated that entrepreneurial thinking can lead to ingenious solutions even with limited resources, that teamwork is the bedrock of any successful entrepreneurial venture, and that learning is most effective when it's hands-on and enjoyable. We look forward to more innovative and entrepreneurial experiences for our students in the future. After all, at Burns Sci Tech, we're not just teaching entrepreneurship – we're nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs!



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