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Into the Garage with Mr. Sweeney: Hands-On Adventures in Burns Sci Tech Automotive Class!

Under the expert guidance of Mr. Sweeney, our automotive aficionados have been immersing themselves in an array of hands-on modules that truly bring the thrill of practical learning right to their fingertips.

Safety first! And that's exactly where our automotive odyssey began. With Mr. Sweeney's guidance, students learned to handle safety equipment like seasoned pros, ensuring that they're well-equipped to protect themselves and others. From mastering the art of safely jump-starting a battery to the satisfying choreography of picking up and replacing a tire, these hands-on lessons transformed theory into action.

But hold onto your wrenches – the excitement doesn't stop there! This week was all about immersing ourselves in even more hands-on, in-person modules and dedicated work time. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Sweeney, students donned their metaphorical mechanic hats and got down to business. With engines humming and tools clinking, they delved into the intricacies of automotive mechanics, gaining insights that only hands-on experience can provide.

And the verdict is in – students are absolutely loving it! The chance to put their knowledge to the test, to see their classroom learning come alive in the garage, has ignited a passion that's hard to miss.

So, here's to Mr. Sweeney's guidance, the roar of engines, and the clink of tools – the signature soundtrack of our Automotive Class at Burns Sci Tech. As the road stretches out before us, we're excited for every twist and turn, knowing that Mr. Sweeney's class isn't just about cars; it's about nurturing the mechanics of the future, one hands-on adventure at a time.



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