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Igniting Creativity: Mr. Hall's Car Model Building Class at Burns Sci Tech

At Burns Sci Tech, a new and exciting elective has taken the school by storm - Mr. Hall's Car Model Building class. This hands-on and creative experience is capturing the imagination of students, sparking interest and enthusiasm beyond the regular school hours.

From the very start, it's evident that Mr. Hall's Car Model Building class is destined to become a popular choice among students. The allure of creating intricate model cars has led many students to express a keen interest in spending extra time after school to work on their projects. (Unfortunately, the demand exceeds Mr. Hall's current schedule.)

This elective goes beyond the art of model-building. Each day, students delve into the intricacies of automobile assembly by carefully reading instruction manuals, painting, and assembling their models. The educational journey instills valuable skills such as following written instructions, fostering creativity, and providing hands-on experience in routine car care.

In a unique twist, students are not only building models but also documenting their journey. Each student is expected to create a slideshow presentation on the model-building process at the end of the year, showcasing their progress and newfound skills. This innovative approach adds an extra layer of engagement and encourages students to reflect on their creative processes.

The success of the Car Model Building class relies on essential resources. Mr. Hall has gone above and beyond to gather 25 models for the class, often scouring thrift shops for unique finds. Each student has received an individual model-building toolkit and a bottle of model glue. However, the class still faces challenges in acquiring specific plastic model-building spray, bottled paints, model-specific paint thinners, and paintbrushes.

As the class gains momentum, the Burns Sci Tech community is reaching out for support. Donations of plastic model-building spray, bottled paints, model-specific paint thinners, paintbrushes, and additional model cars are welcomed. These contributions will ensure that every student has the opportunity to fully engage in this enriching experience, fostering creativity and skill development. If you are able to contribute, please reach out to Mr. Hall by email

Mr. Hall's Car Model Building class is more than just an elective; it's a journey of discovery, creativity, and hands-on learning. The enthusiasm of students and the innovative approach to education make this class a standout at Burns Sci Tech. With the support of the community, the Car Model Building class is set to continue inspiring young minds and fostering a love for learning.



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