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Middle School

They say it takes a certain “kind” of teacher to work with middle school students. That saying can really apply to any grade because each has its challenges. But to be a good middle school teacher is to recognize and empathize with how awkward this stage of life is. Physically, these kids are growing so quickly, racing towards adulthood, that their thoughts and emotions can’t quite catch up. Teaching through this age requires a certain kind of grace, a deepened perspective, and a whole lot of humor. These are all of the qualities that we, as teachers, strive to embody.

6th Grade

Sixth grade is the transitional bridge from elementary to middle school. Our team encourages students to embrace independence and responsibility by instilling the tools and behaviors, allowing them to take control of their future. We believe in fostering a love of learning while pushing our students to reach their full potential.

  • Interpersonal and metacognitive growth
  • Community through connectivity
  • Focus and effort
  • Student-centered concept exploration
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Integrating STEAM to enhance engagement, curriculum, and project-based learning
  • Critical-thinking global citizenship
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7th & 8th Grade

7th and 8th grade students continue learning and growing through these grade with an additional focus on developing the skills necessary to thrive in high school and the real world. They also spend this time diversifying their interests, learning everything they can about different subjects, and figuring out what areas pique their interest.

  • Diversity- Students have a wide variety of classes and are immersed in many different teaching styles and classroom environments.
  • Success- Students in our middle grades have consistently outscored their peers in the county school system on standardized tests.
  • Leadership- Students are inspired to lead on the campus and in the community, often creating their own programs.
  • Technology- Students have 1/1 technology and access to the newest programs/equipment.
  • Family- Many students have been at BST from a young age and know each other and their teachers very well, creating a smaller family environment compared to traditional larger middle schools.