Mission Statement

Burns Science and Technology Charter School’s mission is to cultivate learners and leaders who are inspired, able, and prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

Belief Statement

It is Burns Science and Technology Charter School’s belief that all children can learn if given the proper safe, nurturing, academic environment that can only be accomplished through a resource-rich:

  • Meaningful curriculum saturated with STEAM concepts;

  • Enhanced technology supporting STEAM concepts;

  • Broad-based literacy infused throughout STEAM concepts;

  • Opportunity for service to the school, community, and to the world to help implement STEAM concepts.

Florida Department of Education School Grade

Visit http://schoolgrades.fldoe.org/ click on “School Grades, Basic Information on Schools” and look for Burns Science and Technology Charter School on the far left column.

School Philosophy

Burns Science and Technology Charter School is committed to providing challenging educational experiences through a rich and well balanced curriculum, emphasizing science in a technologically saturated environment.  Our philosophy is straightforward and profound: In order for students to understand, they must do.  We offer a project based, active learning environment that links to real life.  We foster critical thinking, independent problem solving, strong communication skills, and ambitious goal setting that encourages students to learn.

We Believe
  • The search for knowledge is a process that necessitates lifelong learning;

  • There is a core of common values, which have wide support in our community and that, as a community of educators; we must convey these values to our young people if they are to lead successful, productive lives

  • In modeling tolerance, a willingness to respect the rights of others to have beliefs, which are different from one’s own;

  • In the importance of preparing our students with the necessary skills that will ensure their success in the 21st century job market.

Volusia County School District Vision Statement

Through the individual commitment of all, our students will graduate with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to be successful contributors to our democratic society.